General Aviation

Anyone setting up an aviation business in New Zealand, whether large or small, needs CAA approval to operate.

There are two groups in the CAA specifically set up to help you through the certification process and to ensure you maintain standards once you get certificated. The Airline Group deals with large operations, while the General Aviation Group focuses its attentions on small aeroplanes and helicopters.

Prospective Part 135 operators are encouraged to email any inquiries about certification to:

The certification and operating requirements for helicopters and small aeroplanes involved in air operations are covered in Civil Aviation Rule Parts 119 and 135, and related Advisory Circulars provide explanatory information and examples of ways to comply with these Rules.

The following Civil Aviation Rules are applicable to the following types of general aviation operations:

  • Powered Aircraft - Parts 91 and 103
  • Microlight Aircraft - Parts 91 and 103
  • Gliders - Parts 91 and 104
  • Hang Gliders/Paragliders - Parts 91 and 106
  • Helicopter External Load Operations - Parts 91 and 133
  • Agricultural Aircraft Operations - Parts 91 and 137
  • Adventure Aviation - Part 115

Fit and Proper Person Process

All applications for individual aviation documents, and for senior persons for organisations are required to use the 24FPP form below. Use this link for more information on the FPP Process.

24FPP (Word)

Air Operations - Helicopters and Small Aeroplanes

Have your say on the ADS-B proposal (below FL245)

Robinson Helicopter Safety

Agricultural Aircraft Operations

Agricultural operations safety

Agricultural Aviation Sector Risk Profile

Topics for Agricultural Operational Standard (PDF)

Topics for Agricultural Pilot Training Standard (PDF)

Agricultural Operations - Certification Forms

Agricultural companies and pilots may be put at risk when fertiliser condition is not optimal due to manufacture, transportation, or storage factors, or when working from airstrips which are not fit for the purpose. The publication below provides information about farm airstrips and the farmer's role in providing an adequate and reasonable strip and an appropriate fertiliser storage facility. It also includes information for fertiliser manufactures and transporters, and aviation companies and pilots. It was produced with consultation between Federated Farmers, the Department of Labour, New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Association, the CAA, and others.

Agricultural Aircraft Operations - Guidance for April 2016 changes to Part 1, Part 61, and Part 137 (PDF 295 KB)

Agricultural Aircraft Accident Safety Concerns (PDF) May 2010

Agricultural Aircraft Safety Review - Dec 08

Aircraft Maintenance Organisations

Aircraft Maintenance Organisations - Certification Matrix & Forms

Aviation Training Organisations

Aviation Training Organisations - Certification Matrix & Forms

Supply Organisations

Supply Organisations - Certification Matrix & Forms

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