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About the Consultation Process

Public consultation on proposed rules is provided for in section 34(1) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990. The Civil Aviation Authority drafts civil aviation rules and carries out public consultation on draft rules on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

You can have your say by providing us with comments by the deadline. Each NPRM provides guidance on how to comment and what the deadline is.

Submissions received on draft rules are summarised and analysed. The results are published as a summary of public submissions, with a copy of the NPRM, under ...

NPRMs Closed for Submissions.

The proposed rule will be reconsidered to take into account the submissions received. If necessary, we undertake further consultation with key groups before submitting a proposed rule to government.

How to Make a Submission

Use this form  NPRM Submission Form CAA810 (Word) and email to:

Electronic (MS Word, for example) submissions are preferred to assist in compiling them, but submissions can still be sent by post or fax, or delivered in person.

Official Information Act

Submitters should note that subject to the Official Information Act 1982, any information attached to submissions will become part of the docket file and will be available to the public for examination at the Civil Aviation Authority offices in the Asteron Centre, 55 Featherston Street, Wellington.

Submitters should state clearly if there is any information in their submission that is commercially sensitive or for some other reason the submitter does not want the information to be released to other interested parties. The CAA will consider this in making a decision in respect of any Official Information Act requests. It should be noted that the CAA cannot guarantee confidentiality in respect of any specific submissions.

Open for Comment

NPRM 18-02 NSS Surveillance ADS-B above FL245 - (PDF 560 KB)

Note: NPRM 18-02 NSS Surveillance ADS-B above FL 245, published on 14 Sep 2017, contained editorial errors in clause 2.1 General Summary. References were made to 'above flight level 24,500 feet' and 'below flight level 24,500 feet'. These references have been amended to read 'above flight level 245', and 'below flight level 245'. There are no other amendments. Submissions close on 27 Oct 2017. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

The purpose of this rule is to update the Civil Aviation Rules to provide for the transition from secondary surveillance radar to Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Out as the primary source of data for surveillance in New Zealand. This proposal primarily relates to changes to Part 91 and includes proposed amendments to other Civil Aviation Rule Parts to ensure they remain fit for purpose in an ADS-B surveillance environment.

The transition to ADS-B Out will occur in two phases:

  • firstly, in respect of aircraft that fly within controlled airspace designated under Part 71 within the New Zealand Flight Information Region above flight level 245 from 31 December 2018; and
  • secondly, in respect of aircraft that fly within transponder mandatory airspace designated under Part 71 within the New Zealand Flight Information Region below flight level 245 from 31 December 2021.

This NPRM concerns the rule changes required to implement the first of those two phases. This NPRM contains a draft Notice of requirements regarding ADS-B systems and a draft advisory circular.

The NPRM proposes that any ADS-B systems fitted on any aircraft (including those operating below flight level 245) after the date of commencement of this rule, would need to meet the standards set out in this rule.

Submissions close 27 Oct 2017


NPRM 18-01 Aircraft Emergency Location Equipment

The purpose of the proposed amendments to the emergency locator transmitter rules is to change the emphasis from the  prescriptive rules in Part 91 to a performance-based regulatory framework for aircraft emergency location equipment for installation in New Zealand registered aircraft operating in domestic airspace. The proposal also includes part of an ICAO amendment affecting Part 121 and Part 129 relating to the carriage of emergency locator transmitters.

The proposal also contains a draft Notice of Approval for Aircraft Emergency Location Systems.

Submissions close 02 Oct 2017

More Information

If you require further information about a current NPRM, please contact the CAA representative listed in the NPRM.

For general enquiries about our consultation process, contact us.