We're contracted to develop the Civil Aviation Rules by the Ministry of Transport for the Minister. Under this contract the Minister of Transport approves a programme of new rules and changes to existing rules each year. Any ordinary rule changes are subject to the Minister of Transport's agreement.

This page is updated monthly to provide progress reports on our current rule projects together with information on recent rule changes that have come into effect.

You can also find a list of current regulatory issues and how to raise your own issue with our regulatory system. 

If you have any queries regarding a rule project, please contact us by emailing docket@caa.govt.nz.

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Current rule projects progress report

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Drug and Alcohol Management Plans and Testing (24/CAR/02)

Rules are required to give effect to the Civil Aviation Act 2023 provisions for drug and alcohol management plans (DAMPs) and random testing: primarily the scope of the participants/certificate holders affected and dates for submitting first DAMPs.

Consultation closed 10 May 2024. 14 submissions were received.

The NPRM and associated AC can be found here.

CAA will consider submissions and publish the summary of submissions.

Assorted Issues


The Assorted Issues policy project consists of a collection of issues that exceed the criteria of an omnibus rule amendment (very minor changes), yet do not warrant an individual stand-alone policy and rules project. Individually, these changes are not likely to meet cost-benefit or significance thresholds to be prioritised for rule development but are good to do from a regulatory stewardship perspective.

Consultation period closed on 25 March 2024. A significant amount of feedback was received, and it came to our attention that some incorrect criteria were included in the document.

The draft rules are being updated based on feedback, and will be reconsulted on shortly.

Project milestones

  1. Minister accepts rule project onto Transport Rules Programme
  2. Publish NPRM
  3. Consultation period closes
  4. Publish summary of public submissions
  5. Final rule package agreed with the Ministry of Transport
  6. Minister signs the rule
  7. Rules come into effect

Petition to raise a regulatory issue

If you wish to raise a regulatory issue for assessment that may progress to a rule change, please complete form 24011-01 [PDF 24 KB] and email it to docket@caa.govt.nz.

For more information about issue assessment see the rule development process and regulatory policy pages.

Recently completed CAA rule projects

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