We encourage anyone who has a concern about drone safety to make a report using the form below.

Our ability to investigate your concern will depend on the information you are able to provide. Where we don't have enough information to investigate your report is still valuable as it helps us identify areas of risk.

Aviation participants completing mandatory reporting should use the following form:

CA005 Occurrence report - Remotely piloted aircraft systems [PDF 1.4 MB]

The CAA can only investigate a limited number of issues, where the drone is flying:

  • over you or your property without your permission
  • at night
  • out of sight of the operator
  • above 400 ft altitude (approx. 120m)
  • in a no-fly zone or controlled airspace
  • close to other aircraft or in any other hazardous manner

CAA has the authority to investigate any of the rule breaches above, but will only do so if there is enough information to identify the operator.

For privacy issues, contact the Privacy Commissioner(external link).

If you feel endangered by the drone, contact police on 105 or 111.

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Do you want to be contacted if we have questions or updates?

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