Information to help you operate Unmanned Aircraft (UA/drones) safely.

The intention of safety notices is to encourage the swift spread of safety information.

UA operators are encouraged to report issues and occurrences quickly so we can identify trends or emerging risks that may help others stay safe too.

25/03/2024 Immediate safety action for XAG P100 or P100 Pro operators

28/03/2024 update: XAG are working on a firmware fix but it has not been released yet. The issue does appear to be associated only the L1 function, so operations using other functions can continue. Please do not use the L1 function until further notice.

We have become aware from an industry report that there is an issue with the use of the L1 lane assist function for XAG P100 and P100 Pro aircraft. The cause is suspected to be the firmware.

We advise all operators stop using the L1 lane assist function until further notice.

We hope to have more information with the next 24 hours and operators should liaise with their distributor about when it is safe to start using L1 mode again.

The CAA will look to update this webpage with developments, further actions and resolutions as we get information.

Operators: XAG P100 Pro rotor assembly maintenance requirements

XAG P100 Pro maintenance programmes within 102 UAOC expositions already contain requirements for visual inspection of rotor bolt to motor housing contact points (‘B’ in image below). We now urge all operators to conduct detailed visual inspection of the propeller clamp to seesaw holder contact points as well, where there is also potential for cracking and fatigue. This will require the use of a flashlight or bright lighting (‘A’). This visual inspection should be done in the daily/pre flight and post flight inspections and during any periodic checks.

If any damage or cracking is seen, do not operate the craft and contact your maintenance provider about having it inspected and parts replaced if necessary.

From 01 February 2024, the CAA will require the above to be formally included in XAG P100 Pro maintenance programmes for 102 UAOCs. We strongly encourage all current XAG P100 Pro operators to follow this maintenance advice with immediate effect, and formally add this to their manuals at the next update. The 102 Team is continuing to research and monitor this design in New Zealand and internationally.

At this time this is a precautionary requirement, based on SME knowledge of UA design, on a craft type with low fleet operating hours in New Zealand. The CAA will continue to share information with the sector and operators as it comes to light. To do this, we need our sector to be vigilant and responsive. Please report any concerns or occurrences related to this design to the CAA promptly, using the 005 process.

For any further information on this matter please contact the Part 102 team by phone or via

XAG P100 Pro rotor assembly

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