This privacy notice applies to personal and other information collected on the Civil Aviation Authority's (CAA) websites, and

We respect your right to privacy and will respect it when you visit our website. The CAA does not collect or store personal information, except in the instances below:

  • There is an online service for the reporting of aviation occurrences. The information you enter is entered into the CAA database and treated as a Form 005 submission. We are required by the Civil Aviation Act to share that information when conducting an investigation.
  • The aircraft registry shows the registration of all aircraft registered in New Zealand. The Civil Aviation Act requires us to make registration information publicly available.
  • Cookies are used to collect information about the number of pages visited. This is carried out through a free service provided by Google Analytics. Only statistical information is collected, and only the CAA web team may access this information.
  • The CAA offers a free email notification service that requires you to subscribe online.
  • The CAA allows Medical Examiners (ME) to maintain their Expositions by logging on to a password-protected web site. Only the ME and the appropriate staff in the CAA Medical Certification Unit can access this information.

Any information you give to the CAA, including personal information, can be disclosed to third parties for information assurance and cyber security purposes.

Any inquiries about privacy on the CAA website may be sent to the Official Information and Privacy Advisor, email: