If you want the right to be part of New Zealand’s aviation system, you have to prove you’re sufficiently sensible, careful, and law-abiding to be allowed that right.

What you have to do

Complete the fit and proper person questionnaire, providing:

It will take a minimum of four weeks to get the MOJ report (free), but a paid report can be sourced from Veritas Check New Zealand(external link).

Your application can’t be processed unless you use the right forms and provide the right information.

24FPP fit and proper person questionnaire [PDF 504 KB]

If you are already fit and proper

A shorter fit and proper person declaration can be used if:

  • you've previously been determined fit and proper, and
  • there are no changes to the facts and information previously declared.

24FPPDEC fit and proper person declaration [PDF 258 KB]

Changes to your fit and proper status

If you receive any driving or criminal convictions since your last FPP assessment, you should advise the CAA as soon as possible.

Refer to Section 9(3) of the Civil Aviation Act 1990, which states that every aviation document holder must "continue to satisfy the fit and proper person test".

Aircraft owners

Aircraft owners must declare they're fit and proper. This is done within the application forms for initial registration and change of possession of an aircraft.

Do your research

To make the fit and proper person process transparent and fair to participants, we have published a fit and proper person policy, and handbook.

Fit and proper person assessment policy [PDF 46 KB]

Fit and proper person assessment handbook [PDF 446 KB]

 Ask us about licensing

If you have any questions about this topic, use our contact form, or email licensing@caa.govt.nz.