See it. Hear it. Report it.

From industry leaders to frontline workers, cleaners to airport baristas and retail staff … security is everyone’s responsibility.

Security culture guidance: Enhancing your organisation's security culture

As Kiwis, we value our freedom to connect with others, both internationally and within our little 'slice of paradise'. While we're fortunate to live in a relatively peaceful corner of the world, our people and country aren’t immune to acts of terrorism.

2021 is the 20th anniversary of 9/11 – the worst terrorist attack in aviation history – a timely reminder for us all to reflect on and continue to improve our security culture.

The New Zealand Government, through the Crowded Places Strategy, seeks to raise awareness that everyone has a role to play in keeping crowded places safe. This strategy blends with our role as members of the airport community in improving airport security culture.

So if you – yes, you! No matter who you are - sense that something’s not quite right in or around your airport or aero club, we ask that you report it.

Over the coming months, we’re focusing on helping you, your organisation and your airport enhance its security culture. We'll be adding monthly newsletters as they become available, below.

Listen to the Vector Online story on the insider threat to aviation - published in March 2022

Security culture newsletters

December 2021 - Report it [PDF 499 KB]

November 2021 - 'The Big Six' [PDF 715 KB]

October 2021 - Insider threat [PDF 823 KB]

September 2021 - Remembering 9/11 – a lesson from the past [PDF 485 KB]

August 2021 - Staying vigilant to help keep our communities safe [PDF 611 KB]

July 2021 - Launch of the Year of Security [PDF 1008 KB]

Security culture resources

Bomb Threat Check Sheet  [PDF 579 KB]

YOSC banner (600x200 px) [PNG 124 KB]

YOSC poster - "I contribute" (version 1) (A3) [PDF 6.3 MB]

YOSC poster - "I contribute" (version 2) (A3) [PDF 2.3 MB]

YOSC poster - "We all contribute" (A3) [PDF 3.4 MB]

'The Big Six' poster for non-security designated airports (A3) [PDF 18 MB]

'The Big Six' poster for non-security designated airports (A4) [PDF 23 MB]

'The Big Six' poster for security designated airports (A3) [PDF 19 MB]

'The Big Six' poster for security designated airports (A4) [PDF 9.4 MB]

Email to request YOSC posters that are customised to your airport.