Queues can form at airport security screening at any time and for many reasons, but we can anticipate peak times based on expected passenger numbers. The charts below show the expected peak times to support you and your travel plans.

If your boarding time is within or soon after a peak security screening time, we recommend arriving at the airport earlier than usual to allow extra time, in case of queues. 

Check this page the day before you travel for the most up-to-date peak times.

Auckland international

Auckland domestic

Wellington international

Wellington domestic - gates 21-29

Wellington domestic - gates 13-17

Christchurch international

Christchurch domestic

Queenstown international

Queenstown domestic

How to read these charts

Peak times are estimated based on the expected number of passengers and Aviation Security Service processing capacity.

Green = normal capacity, minimal queues expected

Orange = moderate capacity, queues may develop but are not expected to cause significantly longer processing times for passengers

Red = high capacity, queues and longer processing times for passengers can be expected

Grey = the screening point isn't open

Save yourself stress at security screening

The more prepared you are, the easier your screening experience will be. Learn more about how to be prepared at security screening.

Please note: This data is updated Monday-Friday for the following five days. It is not updated in real time and cannot account for last minute changes to flight schedules, weather events, unexpected surges in passengers, or other variable factors that can cause queues.

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